July 24, 2021



The unprecedented massacre of Juntaw Raya is set to take place in and around Mekele !

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The unprecedented massacre of Juntaw Raya is set to take place in and around Mekele !!!

The unprecedented massacre of Juntaw Raya is set to take place in and around Mekele !!!

The unprecedented massacre of Juntaw Raya is set to take place in and around Mekele !!!

The heroic Ethiopian Defense Forces chased the Junta army and defeated Mekelle. next to
It surrounded me easily. He is now waiting for an order from the Itamajor officer to announce the end of the junta !!!

The heroic defense force is a #public_ army, but it is fulfilling its duty with great public responsibility, but the irresponsible Junta has increased the public’s vulnerability to repeat the unprovoked massacre.

This is a test for the defense forces.
At this time, Junta’s preparation is in Mekele ….

1) The Ethiopian Defense Forces and the Eritrean Army have developed khaki uniforms.

He made killer squads. These deadly squatters were ordered to wear khaki uniforms like the Ethiopian and Eritrean troops and shoot at civilians, targeting pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

He plans to sue the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments for war crimes, regardless of Junta’s fate. It is said that cameras will be installed in selected areas.

He is the killer and he is the accuser. This is so cruel !!!

2) Selected members of the Junta military in civilian clothes in and around Mekelle, mosques, churches, medical facilities, charities, businesses and buildings … etc.

This means that, according to Getachew Reda, it is a civil war and the people are trying to create an image that the people are armed with knives and knives.

If the Defense Forces take retaliatory action, it is to make a false accusation that the Defense Forces have massacred the people.

This is a very dangerous war crime against its own people.

3) If the junta is losing in and around Mekelle, these same evil fathers have hatched another conspiracy.

This means poisoning the Defense Forces, and in the event that members of the Defense Forces suddenly become thirsty or hungry, they have prepared young men and mothers who are members of the Junta to provide poisoned food and water.

4) The Junta fired on commandos, special forces, militias, and especially disabled veterans, and other weapons in and around Mekelle.

The deployment of such a heavily armed army in the city of Junta is not an illusion that I will fight and win, but because the people want it to end.

Obviously, the battle will not be easy. But the defeat is obvious. As expected, when the junta is losing, even if the other flies, many of the disabled people who lined up will inevitably fight until they die.

This will no doubt increase the damage to the city. In another language, they repeat Maikadran !!!! This further confirms that the junta is inherently anti-people.

But the extent of their wickedness was not expected to be so great. They are very wicked and cruel and do not even show mercy to their people. It is horrible to think that the Ethiopian people have been ruled by these savages for 27 years.

5) The junta has indicated that there will be shots fired at Asmara and Addis Ababa at the last minute. He is said to have targeted the palaces in Asmara and Addis Ababa.

The US embassy in Asmara also issued a warning to its citizens. If they can carry out this attack, their main goal is to further strengthen the junta’s narrative of “Isaiah and Abyssinia” and to give the conflict a regional perspective.

This is mainly to get the international community to intervene. On the other hand, even if the international community does not intervene, this attack in Asmara will provoke the Eritrean army to take action.

This implies that it indirectly allows the conflict to have a regional dimension. … If they carry out the attack in Addis Ababa, they will say, “The Ethiopian Defense Forces have ended up in anger.”

It means we will force the defense to retaliate by doing damage to the defense. Then they record it with a camera. Then there is the propaganda that the defense is over.

Gambling on the public!

6) In recent days, the Ethiopian government has distributed helicopter leaflets to provide important information to the people of Mekelle and its environs. What happened has happened.

What is not reached is being felt by what has happened. However, the junta is reportedly deploying its cadres and special forces to collect and burn the leaflets, and until yesterday it was broadcasting “Alubalta Do Not Hear” propaganda on Tigray Television.

This means that the public should not use the information received from the federal government and take appropriate precautions. This is a great injustice. (N.B # Here, however, the Tigrayans living abroad are required to openly condemn the unintentional plots of the Junta against their own people today.

If not, the junta itself will cry out and put an end to your people’s agenda and say, “Tigray will be divided.” )
. . . As a conclusion!

Our government must inform the international community in advance of these and other junta conspiracies.

For this
-> Establishing a separate Communication and Advocacy Taskforce (possibly working with the command post)

-> Provide briefings to various foreign diplomats, provide up-to-date information via email and other means, get them involved and even ask for their help (to contact foreign media: contact senators, presidents, governors, lobbies, etc., to share their advocacy experience in this regard. ..Inter alia)

-> Making our embassies abroad focus on this task at this time in particular
-> Encourage Diaspora Diaspora Ethiopians and Eritreans to Demonstrate and Expose June’s Evil Conspiracies

-> A series of social media campaigns (especially Twitter) in English, French and Arabic ….
-> Facilitate all conditions for foreign scholars and celebrities to provide information and analysis on the issue to the media.

-> Religious leaders in Ethiopia, tribal leaders, celebrities, scholars and citizens in general to condemn the junta’s evil plots. (…. add ::)

All in all, the heroic defense force is still winning the Rule of Law Operation in the country !!! What makes the victory special is that it was a very careful victory without harming innocent people as planned by Juntu !!!!

Glory to the Defense Forces !!! At this time, the heroic Defense Forces are waiting for the whistle with great military prowess and preparation as well as high Ethiopian courage to complete the task with a brilliant victory !!!

What has happened so far is that the victory is the hero’s defense, not because he cares about the people !!!

The delay is due!

Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia!
You are Solomon’s drug
A leaf that shed the tears of the saints
It is not new today
When the touch of the flames burns !!!!
A brilliant victory for our heroic defense force !!!!
A brilliant victory for our heroic Air Force !!!!

I will stand by the FDRE defense !!!

IStandWithENDF !!!!


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