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The woman who won $12m – Phyllis Omido

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Phyllis Omido

Phyllis Omido

Residents of a Kenyan village awarded $12 million in a lawsuit over lead poisoning.Phyllis Omido: The woman who won $12m fighting lead battery poisoners.

Phyllis Omido is a Kenyan environmental activist. According to the Gorgorosi Calendar 2009, she expressed concern to her employer; You were told not to raise the issue again.

Felix told her employers that the battery recycling process could be fatal. But she did not listen.

Despite being told by her employers to “shut up,” Felix did not listen.

She was 31 years old. As soon as she graduated from university, she was employed by Kenya Metal References in Mombasa.

The company recycles car batteries and produces lead.

Phyllis Omido - Goldman Environmental Foundation : Goldman ...

Toxic smoke

Phyllis was asked to study the impact of the organization’s activities on the environment. However, they will refrain from taking action when they report the matter to the organization.

The battery melting process pollutes the air and the waste is dumped in the nearby Owino community.

The company was polluting the air and water in the area. The workers were also injured.

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Phyllis, who has loved nature since she was a child, She did not understand how serious the problem was in 2009.

When Phileis was 15 years old, she moved to Mombasa after her mother died.

When she went to university, she wanted to study environmental studies. But she had to study to become an office worker.

Unexplained pain”

Her employer did not care about what she liked. Felix complained and continued to work for the organization.

In 2010, her two-year-old son became ill. Despite various treatments, The pain was incurable and could not be cured.

Her son’s condition worsened and he was hospitalized. Then a friend suggested that her son be tested for lead poisoning.

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Examination showed high levels of lead in his blood. She was shocked to learn that her baby had been exposed to the substance while breastfeeding.

Annoyed, she quit her job. She then began urging the company to cover her son’s medical expenses.

The results of three of the children in the community prompted her to be tested.

“It is a lie”

With the results of the investigation, Phyllis began writing letters to government agencies.

However, she says that they did not respond.

“The National Environmental Protection Agency has told me that what I am saying is a lie and that they are ready to defend themselves even if I go to court,” she explains.

It was this environmental organization that licensed the organization.

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