July 23, 2021



Timinit Gebru – Part 2

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Who? Ethiopian Tumnit Gebru!

Who? Ethiopian Tumnit Gebru!

What happened in Google?

Timnit, a partner of Google’s artificial intelligence ethics team; She announced on Google that she had been fired from Google.

As she puts it: She was fired after she sent an email urging attention to discrimination in the artificial intelligence sector and hiring less-represented people in the sector.

The news was picked up by major US media outlets, such as the Washington Post, the Bloomberg, and the New York Times.

Prominent experts in the field of artificial intelligence and related technologies have taken to Twitter to protest Tumit’s dismissal.

In the two hashtags “ISupportTimnit” and “BelieveBlackWomen”, many, including Google employees, have shown their partnership with Timnit.

The dismissal of Timnit, one of the few black women in artificial intelligence, is said to be a testament to the tension between Google’s leadership and anti-discrimination workers.

“On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big?” It is called.

Written by six experts, including four Google employees.

After being invited to participate in a discussion about the study, she said that she had been instructed to reject the text.

Do not accept Google’s decision; She said she had set conditions for the company to make a name for herself in the study, but Google said it would accept her resignation voluntarily.

She explained that she had not resigned voluntarily and that she had been fired by Jeff Dean, chief executive of Google’s Artificial Intelligence Research Unit, and other executives.

Google, already criticized by its employees and other artificial intelligence professionals; The dismissal of Timnit increased the blame.

Google staff: He said the dismissal of Timnit, which stands for equitable technology and inclusion, has exposed the discrimination and oppression in the technology sector.

Confidence studies

One of TNT’s most popular studies is the Face Recognition System, which features a face recognition app.

Studies show that the app is not designed to identify black people, especially black women.

As Timnit says: She started the study with a friend who works for MIT.

“My friend is a black woman. When she uses facial recognition for a project, she can’t [read] her face. She thinks she doesn’t exist.

Studies show that facial recognition does not work equally well with whites and blacks, and that black women in particular are less likely to read or write properly.

Experts say that this type of racism and sexism is the result of many technological advances.

Tumnit is one of the books you admire about ‘Weppes of Matt Distract’.

Author Kathy Onil has been criticized for not including artificial intelligence. Cathy points out that one way to avoid racial, gender, racial and class discrimination is to make the sector more inclusive.

Timnit, Kathy, and other experts agree that it is only when they engage in the industry that they can create a technology that incorporates a person who looks like them or benefits someone like them.

Tumnit out of work

According to Timnit during her time with the BBC: She often plays the piano. While still in school, she learned piano.

“My favorite dish is shredded cabbage. I like sweets, especially chocolate. I like coffee with milk. I drink coffee every morning when I get up,” she says.

She also told the BBC she would be watching Broad City and the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Outside of Facebook and Twitter: She follows Stake Over Flow, Radio Love Podcast, and Africa Is a Country.

Two-time Nobel laureate is a scientist she admires.

‘just do it!’ It is a statement you believe the most.

“People have to do it over and over again. People don’t know what they can do, but if they have the spirit, they will do it,” she said.

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