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TPLFs Greatest Evil Conspiracy!

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The Second Great Conspiracy

The Second Great Conspiracy

The Second Great Conspiracy!
From Haile Selassie (Washington DC)

As most of us remember, when the Derg regime fell and the TPLF took control of Ethiopia, when most Ethiopians did not fully understand what the TPLF was, we did not think it was true when we read an article about the TPLF’s “Great Conspiracy” and its plans to destroy Ethiopia.

For a season, the crowds began to shout, forgetting about the Sabbath, and it became common for them to know what to do.
Later in the day, we saw with our own eyes how the great conspiracy was being implemented and how Ethiopia and Ethiopianness were in grave danger.
We drank our lips and smoked our guts.

Over the past 22 years, various movements, political parties, rallies, and forums have become famous, and some of them have been destroyed or destroyed.

In short, most of them are history. The main reason, however, was that most of the TPLF and EPRDF agents and infiltrators were involved in riots and misunderstandings.

At home, there was no attempt by the TPLF to infiltrate the public’s trust by committing similar acts of infiltration, intimidation, arrests, and intimidation.

Let me return to today’s topic. What is the ‘Second Great Conspiracy’? On whom? Who? I would like to remind my people and call on all true patriotic Ethiopians to work together to defeat it.

When the TPLF is determined to suppress its struggle at home by killing, arresting, torturing, firing, looting, or prosecuting criminals. He did not do what he wanted to do with the opposition abroad.

The solution is a 52-page directive issued in 2006 and a multi-million dollar budget.

Embassy staff abroad spent the winter working hard because they would be assessed if they did not comply.

Yes, many are failing the test for money, power, They are defeated for gain. They changed their country for the better, and when your father’s house was looted, they used to rob each other.

They are also sending large numbers of cadres to major cities in Europe and North America in the name of “student” and “religious ministers” to divide, confuse, exploit, and even threaten. In places of faith, not even knowing the city well; Ethiopian Association; Eliminate entry as per association; Division: They called dispersal their business.

Another very dangerous and insidious and confusing and unbelievable is the so-called “honest opposition” leaders; We need to understand that they are trying to prolong the life of the TPLF in another way by defeating the people and taking the place of the real fighter.

Those who betrayed and defeated the people’s struggle and today are in line for another apostasy and power have been in contact with the TPLF since before it came to power; When the TPLF came to power, they were swept away by their work and power, they were honored with money, they were torn apart and destroyed by the TPLF officials; Later, when they saw the struggle of the people intensifying, they entered the fray as fighter and gained fame and fortune. Once they were on the mountain, they managed to get some support by swindling outsiders, saying, “We will fight for your freedom in 6 months without any shameful robbery.”

Six years later, they lied to us, and we remained in Washington, DC.

From peaceful struggle to multifaceted struggle, claiming that we have changed different strategies every year; From Multi-Struggle to Satellite Television Struggle; Then to the radio fight; This year, we are trying to build a new Ethiopia with the bloodthirsty Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which has been fighting for 40 years for its anti-Ethiopianism.

Their main deaf device is satellite TV.

Despite the fact that the TPLF has ‘suppressed, cut off’ ESAT, ESAT is inaccessible to the Ethiopian people and has told the Ethiopian people about the TPLF’s identity and what it is doing.

We understand that ESAT TV is a ploy to blind Ethiopians and change the direction of the struggle. Although they tried to appear public by interviewing prominent Ethiopians on television; Who founded ESAT? We know a lot about how much capital it was and how it was founded.

There is nothing that can overthrow or eliminate the TPLF just by televising news and interviews.

We call it subconscious. Dr. Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige, who claim to be the leaders of Ginbot 7, show that their past struggles are not for the benefit of the Ethiopian people, but for the benefit of the EPLF and the TPLF.

When they divide a country; When pursuing tribal politics; When acting on orders and interests of foreign governments; Dividing and weakening the external opposition forces and diverting the direction of the struggle;

Every six months, they claim that we have changed a different strategy; When you buy people who are financially weak and do what they want, And teff in their mouths, We know when they give us hope.

Those who promote ethnic politics on an equal footing with the TPLF are no different unless they are in power. Ginbot 7 has no members other than seven leaders; It seems like he has gathered 10 and 15 fans in every city and performed a miracle on May 7!

May 7, May 7, in the wake of the Facebook riots!

Now that you are known as a fan tool, Dr. Berhanu Nega is on his way to a second conspiracy with other pre-arranged individuals and groups.

The criminal TPLF is ready to come back

Abraha, the leader of the dangerous T-TPLF, has been responsible for killing, imprisoning and killing many innocent Ethiopians, and has left more than 70,000 people dead on the Eritrean border.

If the crime is forgotten and the criminal who enters the organization as a leader of the organization goes abroad, he will not apologize to the Ethiopian people for the crime he committed by washing his eyes with salt under the guise of Netamagne Beyene and others.

He was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief for firing on a sculpture with a shotgun, according to Flathead County, Arkansas Sherriff Jim Dupont. The university is under cover of protection and is being developed by the “bed bugs”.

Why? For the second conspiracy. The man is saying that the TPLF is not enough. This very dangerous snake, who came to the United States for education earlier and is silent, is a clear indication of where they are going with the T-TPLF General Tsaddakan Gebretensay.

Forgetting that they were engineers of the Second Great Conspiracy is the use of oxen. Meles is about to leave! He is about to kill us twice with a knife. It is up to us to kill or fight. I leave the choice to each of you.

Utility tool

Birtukan Mideksa, who became a Coalition Vice President on the 21st day of Dr. Berhanu’s membership in the rainy season after the 97th General Election; Not to mention how much she came to the United States after her release from prison, saying, “We are married to the TPLF.” The TPLF, which has been rewarding and rewarding her for being a world-renowned fighter just because she rebuilt it, said goodbye to Seye Abraha when she came for training.

Whether she wants to, forced, deceived, or knowingly, she has a second plot to use. She was probably thinking of making him the heir to the throne. That’s what I noticed recently.

When your father’s house was looted, you robbed him

In North America, a few escorts who have a doctorate and a master’s degree to become part of the second conspiracy are also on the verge of becoming a government.

They also play games while in exile. Many of us are saddened by the fact that some of them were not well-known and well-known, and that they did not have a high-ranking government job.

I will list their names in the future. I don’t understand why they want to be humiliated and exposed like Abune Petros, not like Abune Petros, but I recommend that they gather their hands before I take their names out of their stories and before the people make them dirty.

They are also being used as a tool for the success of the second conspiracy by financing and exploiting well-known artists and media figures in various fields. Tamagne Beyene and his nephew, Lot Lot, have been working as the masterminds of the second conspiracy.

Hosted by the EPRDF, the EPRDF, which will “liberate Ethiopia”, has been training anti-Ethiopian forces to destabilize our country.

What is the point of Berhanu Nega, who is still confusing and confusing us?

Who is Kemal Gelchi? What was it? Kemal Gelchi was a veteran general in the military during the Derg regime, who remained in power after the TPLF came to power, and who worked with the TPLF for 15 years as a TPLF general-appointed general.

In 2006, the TPLF placed him on the Ethiopian-Eritrean border and one night he walked into Eritrea with 150 soldiers!

The whole world knows that the T-TPLF is in control of the country and that a Tigrayan is everywhere.

Kamal Gelchi is on the way to Asmara, but the bed is amazing! How did it happen? It is learned that he was given a mission in a coordinated manner. The Ethiopian people know OLF as a separatist organization and a criminal. OLF is responsible for the genocide; He must be brought to justice for the crimes he committed while in power with the TPLF.

Ali Hassan during his presidency in Oromia; By Arba Gugu: In the forest: In Arsi: Welega: What about the people who were massacred in Harar and then tried to buy us back from Atlanta the next day? The Oromo people are Ethiopians, not a hiding place for criminals.

The main reason why the OLF and the Berhanu Nega breathed their last and kept glucose as food is part of the preparation for the Second Great Conspiracy.

OLF was raised by Shabia and raised in Shabia; We will not allow the secret Shabaab to destroy the country again.

A leaf is torn from a goat

Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, a former Unity College and then Unity University owner, entered the country and worked with the TPLF as soon as the TPLF entered the country. It is ridiculous to say that we have set up a transitional council with the structure of a refugee government. How many times have we been deceived?

Haven’t you seen Meles go down as long as a first grader finishes his primary and secondary education and goes to university? What do you see today? Dr. Fisseha Eshetu hastily confirms that he is part of the Second Great Conspiracy.

What is the Second Great Conspiracy?

In short, the second conspiracy is to replace these thugs and criminals with new thugs and criminals.
The T-TPLF’s tribal rule is still in place, and we have made some changes to gain the support of the people.

Honest opposition organizations and patriotic faction forgotten and lost; The Ginbot 7 and one or two groups from each ethnic group claim that a “transitional government” has been formed and that the “opposition” has come to power. It is a mystery that some prominent figures, especially those who have been bought or exploited for the sake of power, have been involved in this body.

If they make a mistake, I will wait a few days for correction. Beyond that, I have no doubt that all Ethiopians will realize this “TPLF number two” conspiracy and defeat it together.

For the sake of the safety of some people, I refrain from disclosing many secrets. But in the future, it will be published as American WikiLeaks. They are exposed.

The Ethiopian government is based on the choice and support of the Ethiopian people. I am a doctor, I have a master’s degree or I have been working for this organization for many years and I will be a leader abroad
Government support and blessings are not based on mourning; this is a big conspiracy against the Ethiopian people.

It is a disgrace to the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people do not have the burden of new thugs and criminals. It must. There is no doubt that it will fail.

One Ethiopia, one flag, one people!
The Second Great Conspiracy Fails!
Victory for the Ethiopian people!
Washington DC

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