February 25, 2021



Tragic Story From Mental Hospital

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Tragic story from

Tragic story from

Tragic story from Emmanuel Hospital
The splint was broken and he was taken to a hospital. He is then kept in an emergency room. But he is screaming and screaming.

When they asked him about his medical history, he remembered that he had a mental illness. Write to Emmanuel Referral.
After Immanuel came, I met him and talked to him. He speaks right. But his broken leg is hurting. We gave him painkillers.

The screams subsided.
When we sent him back for orthopedic treatment, I received a response from Liaison, who said,

“He is in trouble. We will not accept him! He will be treated there as Immanuel.” he said.

 I know when I'm angry. I reassured myself, "In the course of
treatment, life-threatening illnesses can be caused by injuries.
I have taken the time to examine his mental health; there is no
serious mental illness. But the bone marrow is broken. I said.

I do not know which of the two convinced him. He just said, “Eh … thousand.”

The reason why people with severe mental illness die ten
 years earlier is because they do not get treatment as 
soon as they have a physical illness; Because they are not
treated properly after they are taken. (Dr. Jonas Lekawu)

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A New Born Baby Become Yellowish (Neonatal Jaundice)

By Dr. Haile Selassie

Infant yellowness depends on the size of the baby’s body and eyes. Infant yellow fever is caused by the baby’s excessive and yellow appearance of the chemical bilirubin in the baby’s blood.

However, yellowing may not be the only disease.
Infant yellowing occurs because the liver is not well
developed and the bilirubin cannot be removed from
the blood and can cause serious health problems.

What are the symptoms?

From the first day a baby is born, the whites of the skin and eyes begin to turn yellow. To determine if your baby’s skin has turned yellow, press down on your baby’s forehead / nose to make sure that the color of the skin changes to yellow.

When should you consult your doctor?

-If your baby is yellow on the first day after birth / if the whites of your baby’s eyes are yellow, yellow on the skin around the legs, arms and abdomen

  • Fever, tremors, if your child is not awake
    -If the diet is reduced / not breastfeeding or gaining weight
    _If your baby’s voice changes when he cries
    -It is yellow for more than 3 weeks.

Are there safe ways?

Adequate feeding of babies helps prevent yellowing of infants. Therefore, we should breastfeed 8 to 12 times a day.

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