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Truth About GOOGLE – It’s a man

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Truth About GOOGLE - It's a man

Truth About GOOGLE - It's a man

Google Amazing Facts ፡
❖ If you copy Google from right to left, it will become elgooG. If you type elgooG.im into a web address, you can see a copied Google search.

❖ Zerg rush is an amazing search engine.

❖ If you do not know that the current Google name is incorrect, this is not a valid name but an accidental name. This is after the founders mistakenly named Google as the “Google”; This name is the number 1, which results in 1 hundred zeros behind the math

❖ Google employees are called Googlers and new employees are called Nooglers.

❖ Google’s first real name was Backrub; This is done by the address and ranking provided for the desired addresses on the search page.

❖ If you go to the page and type “I want to commit suic ***”. it will give you numbers and resources to help you avoid this and get help in your area.

❖ If you want to relax, go to Google Image Search and search for atari breakout and you can relax with the game that comes with it.

❖ Type in as many as you want in the search address. Google provides you with alphabetical support.

❖ Google follows 28 different verification and five warning methods for the accuracy of your search.

❖ Not to mention that if an employee dies, his or her spouse may receive 50% of his or her monthly salary for 10 years. If the deceased has a child, they will receive $ 1,000 a month until the child turns 19.

❖ www.google.com/sky if you want to know what is happening in the skies above or below the land where you live. Look up and look at the moon, the stars, or the constellations.

❖ Google Maps also see a different view of the world in which you live
Allows you.

❖ It’s easy to know that you can go to Google Mars and get the information you need about the Red Planet better than anywhere else.

❖ Regardless of how they are paid, the company also employs Google Maps to provide a unique view of the desert. And to the satisfaction of the users, Google hires a desert camel; She is also a paid Google employee.

It’s a man ……

The time of your figurative time is to be the womb of your father (man) in the womb of your father!

When you are providing you for 9 months in the womb for 9 months, you have been tired of love with you and thinking about you.

Your mother’s career is a health professional whose warehouses are drunk.

I didn’t come to your mother and your mother’s fighting in your mother, and you have left the womb of the health of health expert.

What you have been determined to do, you are not a man! When you are in bed, she knew nothing about yourself … You are looking for you, not your mother, so that you don’t do it.

You have not been able to protect yourself from Exemption, not inexperienced.

I want to get to school, and you don’t understand school …

It’s someone who taught you school …!
It’s a person who explains with school ….!
A school is someone who is friend …..!

The water paid is paid by people ….!

When you learn to learn … you learn to learn ………………….. not to serve as your own …..!

It’s to serve the people who compete is …

Learn ……..
The doctor is to treat people who are!
To teach people of the teachers!
Engineer is to work for people!
If you are a phi, you are not to serve people alone!
If you are a judge, people are not to judge yourself, but to judge yourself.
By driver, you are not merely to travel people, but to go for yourself!
If you are police, if they are not able to protect yourself, not to protect yourself !!
If you are a national leader, to guide you yourself!
Be nothing …..
What that told you is to serve people …

Is there a nation in the text you have read? If therefore, choose the nation that you read and serve ….! If there is no but always for a god for all, not for God!

Peace for a man !!!

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