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Two-Faced Day – Amazing Story

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Two-Faced Day

Two-Faced Day

Two-faced da

The author of this short article
Asma Tadele – from Addis Ababa
(North Municipality)

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There was a knock on the dorm door ….
I tore off my notebook and opened the door
“Are we looking for student Senait?”
Two long policemen in police uniforms !!
“Eh … I am,” I replied.
Confused, I said, “You have to come to the police station because we want you to be examined.”
“Who … who?” Who is Senait? >> I said.
“Senait Teferi?”
“Oh … but why? how? Don’t get me wrong! “Where did the father find him?” I opened my mouth, and once the photo was taken, the second policeman, who was standing there, looked at my feet and said, “Put on your shoes!” Station You have to give your word >> I think I’m sorry I put my shoes on and went to the police station !!!

I am a freshman nursing student at a public university. There are only a handful of students I know on campus, but they know me from freshman to graduate students !! (What are you doing? Do you have? .. Nothing !!) I was confused by a cursed or sacred occasion !!
Here is the thing. When I was in nursing, I uploaded a fresh course !! (Oh my gosh! Are you?

It’s not my problem, it’s Dr. Gashaw (Who? Do you have it? I’ll tell you later!
On one of my controversial days, I was called to the Registrar’s Office.

I was prepared because I already knew it would be around my application (what will he do !!? Dr. Gashaw …) The university administration and some teachers met and gave me my results and some interviews. (Out of curiosity, I stood in the middle of people who were as heavy as the sky (because I could hardly sit down) I didn’t even dare say my name !! Are you crazy !? If you look at their faces …?

The administration seems to be confused. One of them looks at me with his mouth, teeth, neck and hands. In the middle of my talk, Dr. Gashaw looked at me angrily.
Within a few minutes of standing there, I saw his face angrily once green, yellow and red (Is it a scorpion? Are you? I thought the scorpion was a scorpion !!) Finally, they told me to stay out of the Gash administration and they would let me know !! I went out politely and waited for the results. While I was waiting, I heard a loud scream from inside.

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Immediately the door opened. His nose was bleeding and he was holding his neck up. He was grabbed by two people. When I saw him bleeding, I was upset !! (What are you talking about? Do you say? !! And he was the one who told me not to worry when I was in front of my stomach. The administration and Mr. Gashawut. He shouts loudly. I'm happy. My happiness did not last. "How do you beat him?" He was the one who struck your surprise. Because of me. My nose twitched, my eyes widened, I clasped my hands to my fist, I felt my blood dripping with anger. If it hadn't been for this application, it would have ended. (Oh, brag hahaha ...) When I sat there confused, the crowd started to leave. Are there so many? There will be ten (although my focus was on 3 people) so I decided to return to the dormitory.
When students are mentioned on the street, when they think about their thoughts, one of them says, "They tried to make me sing a song." I tried to sleep. My attempt was in vain. Turning my head back, he began to show me the face of that beetle, the blood of your majesty, the anger of the administration, the song of the students. (This girl will give birth to a baby girl who would fall asleep when I was touched by a pillow. I rolled over on my bed today. Looks like straight police !!!

The examiner will see me in front of the examination room (preferably at a checkpoint). He is young.
 "Mr. Girma, are you kidding me?"
 "Who?" What glory ?? I don't know !! >> I blurted out. Show me the picture. "I saw it in the morning interview." Administration Office >>
"You didn't know him before?" Haven't you found it ?? >> I THINK THERE WAS A DOUBT
<< Never !! It was the first time I saw it in the morning !! >> I said. I was trying to relax
"Okay, Senait, according to the information I have received, you are in contact with Girma and you will be seen leaving the penitentiary several times. >> I was shocked.
  "Oh ... I swear I just saw it today when I was created ..." Tears welled up in my eyes. The interrogator just stared at me. Anxiety filled the room.
 "How can I beg you?" I thought the investigator was worried. "I don't know! What should I do?" >> I asked him again. (Oh my gosh !!)
There is an "investigation" in the form of a mockery
 << When? right now? Yes I can? The interrogator looked at me in amazement and said, "You can bring proof." He didn't want to finish. He was silent. "I understand!" Yes, I can come and check now, ”I said firmly. "Because you are a suspect for the time being, you can go with the police. I will send them. Go with them and finish." I began to wait. Suddenly, two police-like policemen arrived. The investigator followed.
"Senait, why are you doing this investigation?" >> She's the doctor. I told her. She is sad. The result came (I'm going to go to that station? I'm bored. The investigator told me everything. As I was leaving, the knife was caught and chased to the interrogation room. That's how Dr. 

Gashaw was charged with the same scandal.) He was released from prison and returned to work for unknown reasons. He had been charged with felony criminal mischief and was charged with felony criminal mischief for firing on a sculpture with a shotgun, according to The New York Times. (Thank you … Relax ..) As soon as I reached the exit, I was stunned on the right.

As I entered the campus, I saw students gathered to read an advertisement. I went there and focused my eyes on the paper (college of medicine 5 students …. student Elias Zenebe 2-Senait Teferi 3,4,5 m)
Run to my dorm to find my credentials !!


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