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Unique wisdom is A Self wisdom!

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Unique wisdom!

Unique wisdom!

Many wise men are wise. Ferenc
“Wisdom is not what you see, but what you see.
(Art is not what you see but what you make others see) ››
Wise men impart wisdom by imparting to others the ideas that they have acquired in their hearts. They are the most intelligent people in the world.

Yes, the poet satisfies his soul with the enormity of his words, the rhythm of his poetry. The artist steals the mind, buys the heart, reads and hears, focusing on what we have not seen, recognizing what we do not understand, paying attention to what we do not understand, remembering what we have forgotten, reciting what we do not know.

The author delivers his message to the hearts of his readers by inventing his crafty characters, building a new way of thinking, reprimanding those who are reprimanded for treating the corrupt world, admiring what is admired and doing what the audience cannot see.

The actors are immersed in the character representation given; Pretending to be true, it appeals to its audience, adhering to the reality of the real world with its wonderful words and deeds. Yanni arranges the note to fill the gap in the world with the beat of music; When he wants the world and the world in his mind, he says, As he looked back, he sang, remembering what he had come up with.

Once the vocal chords whisper and whisper, another time, he whispers his ear to the listener. The corn student is encrypting his words with gold and wax poetry, high ideas and new philosophical words, revealing the hidden; He robs poetry by asking the unspoken, raping the unconquered, creating unique ideas.

Amazing wisdom! The stories, the awakening, the singing, the figurative speech, the lamentation, the boasting, the chanting all come from wise men who challenge the world, who do not hide their joys, sorrows, sorrows, and sorrows. What a blessing to live wisely!
Yes, there is joy in the heart of wisdom; It satisfies the soul. It is righteous to abuse wisdom. It is common for people to give in to temptation. It is a privilege to live and die for wisdom, but living in wisdom is unique. Much wisdom comes from things that are not his own. He is self-sacrificing in the love of wisdom. Most people are narrow-minded, not narrow-minded.

He is a thousand wise men who have forgotten their own world and are narrow-minded in the world. He has explored the world around him, but he has not studied the secrets of his body. He rarely looks inside, but outwardly. No one lives for wisdom but for death. Few carry wisdom on their stomachs, but only on their stomachs.

To his mind and heart; He is not so wise as to fill his whole being with the true wisdom for his soul and his soul. Some do not even strive to be wise. The wisdom of many is the wisdom of bread.

A Greek philosopher says, “The wisdom of living safely and dying is the same.”
it’s true! If your ingenuity does not lead to self-control, then your wisdom is divided. Wisdom is not for you but for what you do, not for yourself. What pleases you does not bring happiness to your life.

Those who preach selfishness, not themselves, are at war with one another; Or they may not know what it is like to be yourself. For he who does not save himself cannot be a cure for another. Wisdom for your life is not real wisdom, if not death. Wisdom is the key to a successful life. But true wisdom adorns your life and your death; He unites your morning and evening.

O seeker of wisdom. But wisdom is not valid if you forget who you are, if you lose your body. If you are wise in your dress and grooming, you are worthless in your life. Wisdom for your life, for your spirit and for your soul, For inside and outside, If you do not do it for your life and your death, then your wisdom is a lie.

What you talk about, what you think, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say, what you say. The truly wise man will live in wisdom first; Then he dies for wisdom. Living wisely is the hallmark of the wise.

My friend … you are the wisest person in your life. Do not give your wisdom brush and paint to anyone else. Seek out your wisdom, for it is by your own wisdom that your life grows. Wisdom that is not yours is not true wisdom.

Finally, I would like to invite you to a wonderful message at the end of the commentary of the philosopher’s son, James, a disciple of the philosopher Jacob.
“To increase wisdom in our land, and to eradicate ignorance and sin by doing the truth; Be the light of your wisdom, and do not be like the lamp that is put under the shackles, so that the children of our country may know and be disciplined! ”

Let your wisdom shine forth, and let your light shine before others. Get rid of clutter first!

Be wise not only for money but also for life!
Self-control is the pinnacle of all wisdom!
More wisdom than wisdom!

Good wisdom!

Blessed be the fruit of the womb.
Friday, November 5

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