June 12, 2021



Victory for the brave Ethiopian army!

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Junta "Generals"

Junta "Generals"

About the Junta “Generals”
The greedy Junta brags, “I have many generals!” He who knows the truth may die of laughter when he hears this. In his day, the junta was distributing unqualified titles to its members just to make a living!

Everyone who does not write his name is called a lieutenant and a major! Junta believes everything will be corrupt! But when will the general be a thief? Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Being a General and being a General go as far as death and life! After all, everything has changed since the death of their father! He also puts pressure, sugar and other ingredients on his back! With that in mind, the junta launched an attack on the heroic Ethiopian defense! He was out of breath! He will soon express his regret in public!

Junta "Generals"
Junta “Generals”

Victory for the brave Ethiopian army!

Director General of the Defense Forces Indoctrination, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Tesema, said the army will soon complete its mission to save the country from destruction.

He said the country’s security forces are on high alert to prevent historical enemies who do not want Ethiopia’s development from obstructing the Grand Renaissance Dam.

“This war is a betrayal of the country and the extremist force has entered to satisfy its thirst for power,” Mohammed said.

He said all security forces are fighting to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“We will ensure that the army will be free from the oppression of the local people by arresting and prosecuting the extremists in a short period of time,” he said.

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