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Vomiting In Infants

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Vomiting in infants

Vomiting in infants

Vomiting in infants

Vomiting in children and it can be shocking or disturbing when it happens, but by knowing the cause and seeing the situation, we can stop the relapse and reduce the following side effects:

✅ Babies may have vomiting from an early age. There are several possible causes for this:

The reasons

Astro Gastroenteritis is caused by viruses and bacteria and can cause nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

📌 Food poisoning
📌 Food allergies
📌 Cough
📌 Severe headache
📌 Inflammatory bowel disease
Kidney infection
📌 Diabetes
If there is head injury

How do we stop it when we return?

Giving dry things for example: bread
Provide electrolytic fluids (water, sugar) to make them drink
Give minced bananas, apples to infants or children under 1 year of age

We need to take it with a doctor

If they are unable to control the return
If you start to see signs of dehydration: dry mouth, crying without tears
If the vomiting is green or bloody


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