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“War is the wedding for Amhara!”

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War is the wedding for Amhara!

War is the wedding for Amhara!

“War is the wedding for Amhara!”

Aite Meles Zenawi
War is the wedding for Amhara!
War is the wedding for Amhara!

“Amhara is Amhara. Don’t wage war on Amhara and ruin Tigray’s history. War is for Amhara farmers. We will fall apart. ” Meles Zenawi once answered a question about Wolkait at the Shire Conference.

Any fear and suspicion
They are impressed by their appearance and beauty! In the human mind
Aren’t you hungry for shopping? ”
“Eh …?”
“Smooth face, weight loss, nosebleed, toothpaste …”
In the interview, they are bringing professional disaster … product disaster
They advertise. Now they are in full swing. Previously ‘You Have Faults’
The herd convinced them that there was no solution.
It scatter the wealth. Experts call it the ETV
They cut the ribs. »
“O God of Israel! Oh, cruelty! ” Jonah shuddered.
“What a surprise …! I told you this, but every program item
Designed carefully for sale and … professional promotion. Personality
Sold … The service … The useless coat … The clothes … The shoes …
The jewelry … is all about advertising. The other
Stop it … they sell advice as a psychologist … about marriage … about a child
Parenting … Start talking to people who are advising you about a job and talk to a professional
They come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. “
“Let’s go out!” Jonah jumped up and down. Follow him. Expand …
Behind the scenes …
“Come on!”
… “I’ll be there in the evening.” Jonah opened the door and went out. Follow him.
. * * *
“Our guest today is Prophet Jonah … to the stage!”
He opened the curtain and appeared. The applause subsided. Go straight to the point
He is sitting on the couch.
“You’ve been in the whale’s stomach for three days, really?”
“it’s true.”
“Isn’t it scary?” »
“Kadisaba is no more scary!” He frowned
[Hall Laughs]
“I was watching …” On the screen is a photo of a little boy holding a fish.
“Is this you?”
“Aha, the fish you picked up and swallowed you,” he muttered to himself
He laughed. The crowd followed him.
“I’m here to deliver a message ..!”
“The sender of the message … is the whale …!?” Laugh again …
“It’s not a joke!”
“You’re kidding … After your ad went off, someone inside
He sent me. “In a rented house … Spend the night in the whale’s belly for free
Good luck! Hahaha … I mean, how old are you, Jonah? ”
“Thirty-three” bored.
“What if you came out of the whale’s belly?” Or if you were born …? Kikiki … age
Most of us … “
Jonah hesitated.
“Now let’s get serious, Jonah!”
Jonah looked up hopefully and said, “OK.”
“Your hair is thick. The implant has reached you too
Nature … We are the only ones left bald this year … ”He shook his head.
“What is your message?”
Jonah’s voice trembled … in a voice close to the cry … “Plague
I came with the message that fire will come down. But
After seeing this city, I realized that the fire was not a plague.
The plague is this trade. He sells and buys everything
Classification obsession. Religion, patriotism, love, hope and morality …
Sell ​​them all. The name of the bread for all the inhabitants
take out. Turning the country into a mall … Putting people in a quagmire
Changing cabinets. Make beauty the same … everyone
Sync. Hair, teeth, tears, skin, tears, tears, tears, tears, tears, tears, tears, tears, tears
Update while charging. The Gospel of Kote … The Law of Material … The Merchant David
Repeated in the media … the scourge of paying dividends. … This is it
The real … you didn’t come … you didn’t come … not the fire of heaven …
The volcano … »
He interrupted … “As the program is entertaining … the audience
Let’s not get bored, there is a game that my producers have prepared.
“Yes well” and “No at all!” Here are the options.
Question one … “I’ve invited a guest and I’ve talked to him!”
Question two … “Without recording a foreign show … my own creative program
I’ve seen it on my TV! ”
Question three … “Someone I don’t know what to ask … modern
I was confused because it was just an agenda! ”
Jonah raised his tearful eyes. He shouted until the hall heard
“Lord … I have seen worse!

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