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We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives. As a teacher, as a parent, as a leader, etc.

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We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives

We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives

The young boy sees his elementary school teacher at a wedding. He ran and greeted the teacher politely and appreciatively, “Do you remember me?” The teacher was confused and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember.

Can you tell me how we met?” The young boy told him, “I was your student in the third grade, so one day I stole my beautiful and unique watch from my classmate. He went crying and told you that the watch had been stolen. All the children in the class came to check on us. You ordered us to turn our backs to the wall. At that moment, I was very upset, thinking about the results of the test. I lost my way. I thought the clock was in my pocket and I was being insulted by all the students. It was a threshold in the yard. I was kicked out of school and brought in by my parents. While I was in this state of distress, I felt my hand reach into my pocket and slowly pull the watch out of my pocket. I was scared. Surprisingly, you took the time and returned it to his wife, but you never said who I found in my pocket and who stole it. No one knew what happened to me during my school days; I don’t think you’ll forget soon enough. Do you remember me now? ” The teacher was surprised and said, “I remember a little bit, but I don’t remember who I found in my pocket, because I was blindfolded while I was checking you out !!”

We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives. As a teacher, as a parent, as a leader, etc.,
We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives. As a teacher, as a parent, as a leader, etc.,

NB We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives. As a teacher, as a parent, as a leader, etc., we must turn a blind eye to certain things because not all mistakes can not be corrected by punishment alone !

We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives
We need wisdom for everything we do in our lives

“Our passengers, this is flight number 206……” I knew she was going crazy when she started saying that.
Ethiopian Airlines hostess …

She did not know her old age, nor did she know me,
 and her husband left her
She did not know that she was married to her friend, 
she did not know that she had taken her property
, She does not remember that her breasts were 
cut sometimes herself
She doesn't know ~ If she doesn't see anyone, 
she'll hurt herself. 

When her madness arose
It is my suffering. It’s my fault. It is my pain. ፊ Slap slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slaps slap slaps
He tells me. She will redeem my head with grief. If I relieve her
The man who wants to marry me will be old.

Her medicine
You will not swallow me up, you will not allow me to touch her, believe me
You don’t sleep ጉልበት I don’t know where you’re coming from
She said, “She will destroy it.” What you hate and fear like me
She will not.
“Do you think I don’t know you? Jealousy is poison!”
Are you proud of me for your food? Can you take me alone? I
Will my house be demolished while I am alive? ” She tells me what she found

She’s throwing things at me. You call me Father. Old
Her husband.
“Who are you? Take me to my house… Uuuuuuu……
They are going to give me medicine. ”
In her madness until the doctor came and stabbed her
I’m crazy. When she calmed me down, my crazy mother was at home with the guard

I’ll save it and go out. እንደሌ Like a crazy mother, one
As a woman who has not been deprived of her livelihood, I have always been
I go to work wearing my full suit.
“Covenant of Mercy, what have I done to you? Oh my lord my pain
Are you kidding me? What if you get rid of me? ” The meaning of
Now she is back. Remembering the pain she went through
She is sick. When her madness left her

She makes me cry. My stomach hurts. That she tormented me
She knows him. Breastfeeding when I was being abused for days when she was crazy
She seduces me on her bare chest. What to hear
I know you want it.
“Mom, I won’t leave you as long as you’re alive. No matter what you do
I can. ” I tell her. You will not answer me. Just hug me
She is shaking. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital
is it. She begs me. She has come in twice. It hurts

She is not well. Recently, her body has been weakening and her pain has subsided
He is commanding her. If she saw Mimi’s wedding invitation yesterday
She has started counting her flight numbers.
Mimi is my father’s sister. The wedding too
My mother knew we were not going. I don’t know why he won’t leave us.
My mother and I did not feel safe because of the excuse

They are busy. I’m doing everything I can to reassure my mom
I’m shaking. In the case of Mimi’s wedding, however, more than Mom
I had to wait until I was crazy. Because Mimi
She is marrying my childhood sweetheart. The wedding paper for me
The reason they brought it was that I was mad at them like my mother
is it.
I am a professional lawyer. High in one scandal

Official Case Cause My Name is a Lawyer in the Country ……
Do you remember? With his grandparents
Man …… Yes to the poor 70-year-old who raped them
I was the one who stood and judged. That curse
The cartoonist has no teeth in the first weekly newspaper
Daddam and her tongue as an old woman from the piazza to the intersection

… Yes I am. Who I am now
Did you know?
“Your office is waiting for you.” She said to me before I entered.
“Goodbye, wine.” I hurried in
“He is your father. He says I am her father. As you have a father
I had no doubt.”I have justice.
“Your father?” I trembled and entered my office
It’s been seven years since I last saw him. The imagination is going to work now
Who wants me? Never reach my office?
“Oh?” I said, ignoring his outstretched hand in my chair
I’m sitting on. His hair did not change much except occasionally.

“Are you okay Mimisho?” What are you looking for? You will not be worried about my well-being
hardly ever!! To confirm that I have received your child’s wedding invitation
If so, I got it. Mom got it. As if I had thrown away my cloth
If your wife sent you to see. Go and tell her! You forgot.
Please get out of our lives. And get out of my office …… ”
I don’t want to get angry. But I can’t stop thinking about them.
They are always like that. They will not abandon me. Down
They bring me down. His wife, the owner of all evil thoughts
she is. The answer is silence. Bake. But out of her style
His silence was broken by evil.
“I came for personal reasons.” Alena filled his mouth.
“You have no personal matter with me. Please
Do not speak ill of me. Get out of here …… ”
“I’m going to solve the problem. There are a lot of problems between us
I need a lawyer. … ”Walking to the door“… You will help me
I was hopeful. What if you don’t even want to hear me?
I do? Should I consult your colleagues? ” He opened the door and went out.
What? Do you want to hear from my family members? In particular
Justice? Oops, I had a little bit left. I ran after him.

When I approached him, I was choked with anger. But talk loudly
I can not. For the one who wants a sniper who burns me
Justice does not expose myself.
“But what do you want from me? What have I done
Are you following me and trying to destroy me? By your beloved child
Leave me alone? ” I gritted my teeth and struggled with tears.
This is always the case. My last tears about my family
is it. I am a loser.

They are winners. Come on any day you want
It is as simple as their right to wipe away my tears.
They rob me of everything I want. …… I am this! Public Lion!
I am a house mouse.
“I just want you to sit down and listen to me once. The truth
I want to explain. I want him. ”

“Please go. Please leave me. Something you didn’t snatch from me.”
It’s my job. Work where one of your evil hands has not reached
It’s my place. Please leave him alone to beg. ”“ Where did he come from?
Without justice, justice has reached us
“Daddy, what do you have for tea and coffee?”

He looked at me and was shocked. “Is there a problem with Bos? What happened?”
Anything? ” My boss started annoying me when he started working together.
He began to call out. He still calls me that. Shut up
If I say so, he will not stop asking until nightfall.
“Turn to justice for me!” I shouted at him.
I begged and became angry and sent my father away. That he will return another day

He seemed to feel sorry for me when he left. Narrative here
There is no one good and no one bad. All good
They are not. Not all are bad. Including my mother !!
I don’t know all about my family, but none of them are clean.
They reap what they sow. One hundred percent human
Good or bad? The man we call good is evil

Covered in goodness. What we call evil, which covers good with evil
Isn’t it? But all the mix of evil and good
Isn’t it? He will be called to account for his actions.
What about me? It scratches my throat when I don’t eat. I did not sow
Thorns and thistles grow and choke me all my life. Myself
Before the good seed I sowed, the weeds they sowed were ripe
I will eat it. He turns me around like a drunkard.
“Can I bring you some coffee?” My office has arrived.
“Please Justice … Stop opening my office door over and over again.”
“Am just worried … I’m just watching you
Shall I sit down? ”
“Yes, do it. Shut up.”

“Okay, go home and rest. You’re right there, nothing.”
You will not do it. ” I have. Mom remembered me. I picked up my coat and passed it
I went. When I got home, she was upset about the food she was given.
She mutters something unheard of. The worker was standing there waiting for her
it was.
“Mum, please, it won’t be today. Goodbye today. I can’t.
I can not!!”
She looked up at me. “Who are you? Did she send you?

“No, my God! no way!!
"No, Mama Andualem sent me." My tears with his words

It will be downloaded. I was crying or laughing when his name was mentioned
She doesn't care. When he started, his name reassured her. He
I don't know! He is her madness and her cure.
"And what do you say?"
"I miss my moon! Please give me this job."

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