June 12, 2021



What I Want To Tell You is; Don’t provoke a war

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Glory to our brave fathers who kept us in this blood!

Glory to our brave fathers who kept us in this blood!

False life is exhausting, and real life is at peace with itself. Real life is when you believe that God exists and that He weighs your works. Freedom is a decent slave. We would be sad if we could free ourselves from the tyrannical rulers and produce a generation that fell into the hands of demon-possessed demons.
“Escape from the snake pit,” he said.

A purposeless journey is a journey.
The law of your conscience is in you, and the law of God is in you.
The more you want to know about God, the closer your friendship becomes.

Do not forget those who have misled you.

Philosophies, ideologies, superiors, weapons, boats,

  • Racism Find out how many gods have lost all these gods.
    And don’t forget those who lost you.
    Not forgetting means being careful about what happens next.

Do not ignore your conscience and make friends with people. A lost society is born out of negative freedom.
Negative freedom is loose. Positive freedom, on the other hand, respects the gift of sex and age that God has given us.

Things that have happened are things that have started
Get up to start. Do not be afraid of the end, for the beginning will come. You need a holy angel, and you need a weak one. God became man to search for the fallen man.
When you think of the mother of God, you understand the great glory that God has given to man.

The friendship you build on the consciences of your conscience is suicidal. The unsavory treasure of your soul is like the fragrant food that sits next to a corpse. Find out what the people who come to you for work are doing. The hyena says, “Go to a country you don’t know and skin it.” Know that the worst thing is religion.

The word of God, which God has given us on stone tablets, is to teach us that time is of the essence. When you lose your temper, you are blaspheming not only God but also your parents.

The ultimate_poverty is the loss of God.
And the ultimate wealth is to find God.

Do not boast, for there is no one left.
It is a way of doing what you can and cannot do.
Real wealth competition is a joy, not a treasure, but a gift.

You will not be told how much you have benefited from God’s kingdom, but how much you have been given.

The rich don’t give.
The poor are of two kinds.
Poor in money and charity.
Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Imprisonment is a form of self-confinement.
It hurts the chain and the hand that hurts
It is the inability to love a dark prison.
The world means you are as racist as you are in your neighborhood.
Racism is a war against God. Because the one who hates the seed does not intend to give birth to that offspring.

True blindness is not the sun, but the inability to see the Lord of the sun. “

During the Ethiopian-Italian War, Dejazmach Afewerk fought the invasion on the Eastern Front. After Dejazmach Afewerk was wounded and died, he set out to destroy the retreating Ethiopian army.

During the Italian occupation, a well-equipped new army was sent by Ethiopia under the command of Fitawrari Guangul Kolassie, the governor of Chircher (Hararge). The 500-strong force did not enter the Jerer River – and when the Italian army arrived, it was fired upon. There was heavy fighting for three hours. As the Italians tried to cross the river, they were caught in the sand. Two more tanks were sent to retrieve it, but they too were caught in the sand. A fourth tank was sent, but the guerrillas told him not to shoot. It was the small army of Fitawrari Guangul, which had sown the forces of Colonel Maletin and sowed terror in the Italian settlements.

Fitawrari Guangul made his troops retreat to Guala, and he himself took only the soldiers and hid in the Jeren River. He also terrorized the Italian army. It was the sunset that set the stage for the battle. It was 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and the Italian army, which was fighting a new army, retreated. Among the forty Guangul soldiers who were fortified in the Gerrar River, they were wounded, killed, but left without a replacement. After the Italian army fled in the middle of the night, the Ethiopians found seven Italian bodies among the many Somali soldiers.

One of the 40 best soldiers of Fitawrari Guangul Kolase was his brother Hailemariam Kolase. Hailemariam took out the body of an Italian soldier who had allegedly given me the body in the tank to kill him and brag in front of his brother. They told him to throw it away. Unbeknownst to me, he threw me in the middle. The bomb exploded, injuring the commanders. Hailemariam Kolasse died shortly afterwards, but Guangul lived for 14 years after the victory and died of illness.

While being treated at Fitawrari Guangul Kolasse Hospital, a foreign journalist asked him how he managed to kill the soldiers in the tank.

“The Italians were shooting at us from the front, back, side and side of a metal box. As we hid in front of them, we saw that there were small holes in the front of the tank. We started firing through that hole. “We learned that the people in the tank had died. We then shot at all three other tanks with the same hole and killed them all.”

Glory to our brave fathers who kept us safe in this blood!

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