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What is a stroke?

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What Is Stroke

What Is Stroke

β€œStroke is a cerebral hemorrhage that can be fatal. Brain cells need a constant supply of oxygen through the bloodstream to function properly; Debre Berhan Referral Hospital’s general practitioner, Dr. Ketema Assefa, said that the disease that causes this process is called stroke.

What is the distribution?
Countless studies have shown that stroke is on the rise in Ethiopia. They explain that he is now in the second place. According to Dr. City, the disease is most common in people over 35 years of age. He said that the disease is now affecting many people, both rural and young, rich and poor alike.

Seven years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it was the third leading cause of death in the world after cancer and heart disease. Each year, more than 20 million people are infected, and six million of them die.

Of these, 1.5 million will die within a year of being affected. In developing countries, the prevalence is even worse. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, one-fourth or 75 percent of the world’s stroke will occur in developing countries.

What causes the disease?
According to Dr. City: Narrowing of the tiny blood vessels in the brain can cause a stroke. Closure of one of the arteries causes damage to a small part of the brain. It causes tissue in the area to die. The brain receives blood through four blood vessels.

When these arteries become narrower due to the accumulation of fat, cholesterol, they dissipate unwanted substances. As a result, blood flow to the brain is blocked. In some cases, blood clots may form in the heart. He said that clotted blood can lead to strokes in the brain.

What are the symptoms?
Many studies show that stroke can last a long time without any symptoms. They say it has no symptoms, especially if it is a small stroke. However, studies also show that it can damage brain tissue.

According to Dr. City, there are five main symptoms of stroke: sudden facial, arm, or leg numbness that occurs on one side of the body. Inability to move or feel these parts of the body can cause complete or partial tremors.

Suddenly unable to see with one or two eyes; Difficulty walking, dizziness or inability to balance; He explained that unexplained headaches and confusion, difficulty understanding or speaking can sometimes lead to tremors in the muscles.

What are the risk factors?

Although it affects people of all ages, races, races, and genders, there are vulnerable groups. For example, when people with high blood pressure remain uncontrolled for a long time, not getting enough exercise, being overweight, eating unhealthy foods, having high levels of fat in their blood, associated heart disease (hypertension), smoking, overeating Drinking and diabetes are common, says Dr. City.

Studies show that 80 to 90 percent of strokes can be prevented by simply controlling the risk factors. In addition, taking prescribed medications (for example, for high blood pressure), continuously,

Experts recommend developing medical examinations in advance.

*** In conclusion
Studies also show that stroke symptoms can be divided into two categories. Blood pressure rises as a result of cerebral palsy or stroke. As a result, persistent vomiting may occur. It can even put life in jeopardy. It is caused by high blood pressure. On the other hand, the discontinued part of the brain is characterized by a lack of food and oxygen.

For example, if it is part of a speech, interrupted speech can cause problems with not uttering words. If the part of the body that controls the movement is affected, the affected half of the body, including the face, may become lazy.
If they have difficulty responding, their response may be confusing.

They say, ‘Why don’t you help me?’ When the part of the brain that controls vision is damaged, hallucinations can occur. When symptoms appear, they may need immediate medical attention, but they may not return to normal.

If left unchecked for more than six minutes, it can be life-threatening.

When people are affected by a stroke, the problem is not just for themselves but also for their caregivers and their families. In addition, an infected person may find it difficult to live a normal life. Experts say that it can be a major obstacle to working and moving, and that it can cause problems not only for oneself but also for the country.

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