July 23, 2021



What Is An Inverter?

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What is an inverter?

What is an inverter?

Here’s a quick and easy explanation.

          An inverter is a backup power unit. Most people use a generator. An inverter accomplishes the same goal, and is a viable alternative to a generator.

       Whereas a generator runs on fuel, an inverter runs on a battery (or multiple batteries depending on the size of your inverter). 

The inverter’s job is to take the stored energy from a battery (which is DC power) and convert it the type of power which your house/office runs on (which is AC power).

   Simply :

An inverter is a device which is used to convert between Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC) 

Inverters were important then but now they are gaining more importance because the load shedding problem is increasing day by day. Their main use is to provide backup power when there is no flow of electricity. Inverters take power from the battery and supply it when there is electricity cut. In this way it proves to be very helpful and handy.

The Best

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In Ethiopia,

         most people use a generator. An inverter accomplishes the same goal in a way that is more beneficiary in many different aspect.

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