February 25, 2021



What to buy for five birr? I myself do not understand why it is paid outside of parking

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What Can You Buy With 5 Birr

What Can You Buy With 5 Birr

I see a TV show. What does the provider buy for five birr? She said, “I don’t know why it’s paid outside of the parking lot. Your country is far away!

All in all, the media program is all about talking about cake and pudding, about the interior design, the five-star hotel, Bole, Bisrat Gabriel, the modeling gym work out. , Butajira Drought Fragrance, Cucumber, Bulle
… You don’t seem to know this! Street
They do not seem to remember the survivors unless it is a holiday.
Suffering from losing his job with his master
Young, they don’t say she has a sister who has been in exile for 3 or 4 times. Is there no other professional in this country than an artist? They don’t realize it when they give it to him.

MODERNETH Renewable Energy

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If I breathe so much, I would love to do this with this girl!

I thought it was my life when I was bored talking about “pot litter” when we were bored talking about Amharic in an air-conditioned country. Dear sister!

I’m crazy

Listen to my speech without despising my insanity
Your behavior is that of a pig
Stand in front of us, dressed in rags
Wherever we love, where we # agree
Your clever goat ride like an elephant
Your speed rabbit idea an ant
You despise the body and you are like Satan
Let the sick generation be saved
You conceived deceit and gave birth to evil
You killed a guard who betrayed your country
You have wronged the mother of the serpent
You bit your right hand to save yourself
At 30 dinars
She who sells the word is like Judas
Submissive to the stomach and betraying love
You live for yourself, just like Pilate
Love you have never learned from Christ
The unforgiving is like the devil
True, if you do not understand, you are lost
If you do not know, your heart is hardened
You have died, you have betrayed the country

You had five husbands before and now your husband is not with you.

I was impressed by his willingness to listen. So I gave ten pounds to the taxi driver without telling him who I was.

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Wife tried to test her husband’s loyalty and

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Why did they Kill Hayalom’s wife?

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