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Who is the brave Prince Ras Mekonnen who liberated eastern Ethiopia from colonial ambitions?

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Ras Mekonnen

Ras Mekonnen

Who is the brave Prince Ras Mekonnen who liberated eastern Ethiopia from colonial ambitions?

Not only in Ethiopian history, the man has a history with Adwa, so he wrote his name in gold as an adventurer of freedom in the Black Children’s Glory. They also have an indestructible reputation and an indestructible reputation.

Charles Michaelcott “stands out from the great men of his day because they did nothing wrong.” He tells them.
Their father is Dejazmach Wolde Michael Gudisa. Their mother is a member of the Trinity. Son of Mrs. Tanagne Wark Sahle Selassie. He was born on May 13, 1849. Their place of birth was Derefo Mariam.
Their father entrusted them to King Menelik as a child. The young officer was very skilled and attracted the attention of King Menelik. In a short time, he was promoted to the rank of barbarian. At the age of twenty-four, Balambaras became the wife of a young lady.

It was Boru Meda that won their title. It is the star of the Black Victory that led the Ras Neka Michael and Neras Wele forces in Adwa.
Their fame is raised by their fights. He wanted to work not only on the battlefield but also on the thirst for civilization. Egypt, intending to take over the Nile by Turkish guardians, appeared through alms and tasted John’s fourth arm. Twisted around, she tried her luck again at Tajura, and the Sultan of Awsa took her arm and returned to where she had come from. The army, led by Rauf Pasha, advanced through Jildisa and captured Harar. Egypt, which has been in Harar for ten years, has since become Harar’s dream.
When Harar was taken over by Emperor Menelik’s army, a 35-year-old man was appointed to lead the eastern region. After that, the East remained only for the invading wishes of the ruler. One part of the country was embarrassed by the great warlord.
Ras Mekonnen loved Harar. Like many officials, he is not a man who sits down and leads the city from afar, but he is a man who loves to lead the people together. Civilization attracts them even more. Because Prince Menelik II has traveled to Europe twice. He traveled to Europe on behalf of the emperor to celebrate King Edward VII, and saw the beauty and civilization of Switzerland and London. He also knew that Ethiopia would be difficult to subjugate, especially if it were not an independent country in the arms industry. During their visit to Europe, they understood the meaning of freedom and prosperity.
In his book The Long Journey of Power, Zewde Reta Teferi Mekonnen, Ras Mekonnen, said goodbye to Hararge for the last time. It is your duty to do your part to ensure that the borders of our country are not violated, that the dignity of our emperor is not violated, that their people are not harmed, that there is no injustice, and that justice is not violated. “

On March 12, 1898, the great prince, Ras Mekonnen, was summoned by the emperor on his way from Harar to Shoa. Say goodbye to this world. A monument was erected in Abba Harar to commemorate the hero who defeated the right-wing rulers of the eastern part of Ethiopia. This is a monument that was demolished by a few groups during the current Egyptian leadership agenda. During his tenure, Ras Mekonnen left an indelible mark on history. Building a nation with an indelible name and history is the responsibility of the next generation. Although he raises his hand to the statue of the hero to destroy the country, it is important to remember how he is repaying the hero who freed him from slavery.

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