July 23, 2021



Who Said Google Cant Be hacked!?

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Who Said Google Cant Be hacked!?
Who Said Google Cant Be hacked!?

Google does not hack Who owns it?

Google Brazil has been discontinued by Kuroi’SH.

On December 28 2016, word spread that Google Brazil’s domain domain was not working and that hackers by Brazil were hacking by Kuroi’SH when they tried to use Google.

(Ethiopia’s domain is the same as google.com.et)
(Brazils domain is the same as google.com.br)

Google Brazil immediately tried to reverse the attack, but Google.com.br Link was out of control until yesterday.

A hacker using Kuroi’SH’s online monkey destroyed the official Google Brazil search page on Tuesday afternoon.

The broken page sent a message of congratulations to his friends for a successful attack at such a high level.

Google acknowledged the attack on its Twitter account, but declined to say why.

“Anything is possible, which is why I hacked two large Google domains in two weeks,” the hacker said in a statement.

By the way, this body, called Kuroi’SH, was launched in 2015 by NASA
It is remembered that the sub domains were destroyed.

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