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Why did they Kill Hayalom’s wife?

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Why did they Kill Hayalom's wife

Why did they Kill Hayalom's wife

Why did they kill Hayalom’s wife?

Case: The death of Maj. Gen. Hayalom Araya and Laila’s “new information”
In fact, Laila Hailemariam’s extensive interview on Fana TV focused on Aboye Sibhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye and Seyoum Mesfin among the TPLF leaders hiding in Mekelle in light of the current political turmoil. We are confused by the fact that they did not mention others, especially the prime minister, Meles Zenawi, who left the main engine of the organization and is a dynasty led by the 82-year-old Aboye Sebhat. Ermias Legesse seems to have forgotten that they walk around the office with a bottle of whiskey in Meles’ legacy. When asked about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, an elder who said this was Ginny did not end the EPRDF in the Ginny revolution. At the very least, Meles brought a confusing system called Revolutionary Democracy, and the people of Mount Zion, Mekelle, sing a single song that is still unheard of.

Instead of clarifying the above, Hailemariam’s campaign against Dr. Aregawi Berhe and Gede Zeratsion, who left the organization thirty-six years ago and is still opposed to the TPLF, is also unclear. With Meles’ death anniversary being commemorated by his fans, Abe’s harassment seems to be a revenge attack on the 8-year-old. By the way, Abe is not kidding. He is scheduled to hang out on Fana TV.

Among the Fana TV interviews that caught my attention were the alleged spying, the assassination of General Hayalom Araya and the wing of Gebremedhin.

We know very well that the spying books translated by Mamo Wodeneh in the 1970s, such as Wolfgang Loutz in Cairo and “Our Man in Damascus,” could not be such a coincidence. Such large hotels are under 24-hour surveillance by the host country, so it requires the cooperation of a senior official in the Ministry of Public Security to do this. I think there is a collaborating foreign government spy in HILTON HOTEL MANAGEMENT. He says that when he works as a TPLF spy at HILTON ADDIS HOTEL, he has to explain many things that he did not tell us about himself.

According to WikiLeaks, the cable sent from the US Embassy in Addis Ababa to Washington, DC in 2009 was hijacked by WikiLeaks. The then security chief, Getachew Assefa, was often elusive, unusual, eccentric, non-communicative and reclusive. Ambassador Donald Yamatoto has told several US security agencies that he is a hot tempered person who makes it difficult for his staff to know his behavior and therefore makes meaningless decisions. Prime Minister Meles assured them of this, but also said that he was loyal to the party. In a country where such people are appointed by party loyalties, I do not expect any special security professional from Mr. Laila.

Mr. David, you have argued that such spying cannot be done in a government hotel. Hilton Addis Ababa is 80% owned by the Ethiopian government, but its MANAGEMENT operations are subject to Hilton International and are independent of the Ethiopian government. I would like to prove to you that this was not the case.

Major Dawit Wolde Giorgis, a member of the Free Ethiopian Army, who co-ordinated the coup d’état in Ethiopia in 1981, wrote on page 61 of his book, “Ethiopia” based on a true historical document from Rome. He was reportedly accompanied by Maj. Gen. Mered Nikuse and Maj. Gen. Fanta Belay, on the other hand, along with Colonel Tesfaye Wolde Selassie, Minister of Security, and Mengistu Gemechu, Special Assistant to President Mengistu Hailemariam.

Tadesse Telesalvano, a 50-year-old leader who was wounded in an altercation and captured by the EPRDF during a military operation in the Sahel Desert, spoke to Mengistu. .

Assassination of Major General Hayalom Araya
On Wednesday afternoon, February 6, 1988, I heard that the former Commander of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Hayalom Araya, was shot dead by Jamil Yassin in the afternoon at a traditional restaurant called Bolels in Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa. I am working at the office. The media department I work for is under their command, so we all started searching for information on the death of our boss and the killer. Accordingly, in a short time, the killer was an Eritrean and may have been coordinated with the Eritrean government. And as a close friend, we found out that Jamil Yassin had harassed General Hayalom as he went out the door and that Hayalom had shot him in the door.

The singer, who was the co-owner of the restaurant at the time, was asked about the issue on Seifu’s EBS program, which aired on YouTube on Oct. 20, 2019, and seemed afraid to call her by that name. In an effort to escape the pressures of the day, they rented a house for a year and spent a lot of money on repairs, leaving only one month and ten days. Shortly afterwards, he moved to England with another singer who was working with him. Professor Andreas Eshete, who was with Hailemariam at the time of the assassination, was arrested and questioned by police. He never made a statement on the matter because he was a friend of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. .

Jamil Yassin had a radio in his car that communicated directly with Police Commissioner Aranshi. He is not allowed to arrest any citizen in any part of the world except the undercover policeman. He was shot in the head by a police officer who was sent to Aranshi to help him when he got into an argument with a co-worker. Jamil Yassin, who loves to say look at me, loves me all night. He was an inexperienced and hasty person from the nightclub.

General Hayalom’s assassination was ordered by the palace, and the story was changed in a way that did not fit the character of the deceased, and it was said that he should not have been there and that his negligence was the cause of his death. Another surprise was that Haylom was killed at around 8 to 12 noon when he was killed at the restaurant’s door, pretending to be a nightclub riot. Defense forces were dispatched in the evening to search for the killer, and the Olympian area was in turmoil. Working together with the Ministry of National Security and Defense is common and still practiced. I learned that the Addis Ababa police had no role other than to take the case to court. Eventually, the general was rumored to have taken a different position on the Eritrean issue from the Southern Command, which was rumored to be deliberate. I share this idea. In particular, the assassination of the assassin, Jamil Yassin, at the start of the Ethio-Eritrean war has made it even more doubtful. It is widely believed that Laila General Hailemariam was assassinated.

So, Mr. David Kebede, you, as a journalist, are correct in your report based on the evidence presented by the police, the prosecution, and the decision of the Supreme Court. However, when there is a vague case, such ideas come up in an effort to establish the truth. In English, this type of information is called Conspiracy Theory. I did not use the word “conspiracy” in Amharic because it was meant to harm someone. For example, 50 years later, Conspiracy Theory proponents are still speculating that the Warren Commission, which was set up by the US Congress to investigate Kennedy’s assassination, is President Kennedy’s assassin Lee Oswald Harvey. Meanwhile, Onesas, a Texas businessman, married to Kennedy’s wife, Texas oil tycoon, Italy. Mafia and others. Mr Harvey claims that Jack Ruby was killed while under the protection of Dallas police. This is a common saying in the United States: “Where there is smoke, there is fire.”

The killing of your wingman
I want to raise the issue of the massacre because it took place in the Armed Forces Officers’ Club and to share my views on this issue. Kinfe was a member of the TPLF Central Committee and after the split in Mekelle he chaired a cadre meeting rather than a security briefing. The final meeting, which resulted in his death, was held with senior defense officers. We later discussed and understood that the agenda of the discussion was “We have created the ruling class of Tigray in Ethiopia.” This statement was made by a TPLF fighter who sang “We are liberators”. Many were insulted. As my friends told me, in an unprecedented and unheard-of way, the Tigreans were embarrassed by the fact that they had taken control of the entire office, and the Oromo, Amhara, and southerners were being harassed and harassed by the Tigreans. In my opinion, this was done to feed the false hopes of other nations to support Meles and change.

During the meeting, the assassin, Major Tsehaye Woldesellassie, refused to allow him to speak and, out of resentment, shot and killed Kinfe Gebremedhin on Sunday, May 5, 1993, in the compound of army officers.

After the assassination, the agenda was changed and the Central Committee took a separate position without discussing it. Meles concluded that there was no ruling class in Tigray and that Meles was a good thinker and a wing. Many went to jail, claiming that they had the opportunity.

Here is the basic difference between the Derg and the EPRDF. If he is a military leader, he will shoot at us in front of the army.

During the EPRDF era, however, officials everywhere, including the courts, were required to become party members. They are required to pass grades 2 and 3 without adequate academic credentials and receive a degree from the Civil Service College. In the absence of ethics, court decisions can be made in the desired way. After the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, he was in control of everything.

In this context, Engineer Simen Bekele, who had been wandering around day and night during the construction of the Nile Dam for 5 years in the Guba Desert, was reportedly shot dead in the middle of Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square on July 19, 2010, in an undisclosed attempt by FDRE. Itamajor Chief Saare Mekonnen was assassinated on June 16, 2011, along with retired Maj. Gen. Gezai Abera. The Amhara Regional State Chief of Staff and Azez Wasse were killed on the same day, but Migbaru was wounded and died on June 18, 2011. They are complaining on social media that they have not received justice. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, for his part, was heard saying that he had released him and that he suspected that he had killed him.

To sum up, as mentioned above, the corrupt and corrupt officials have not been able to do their job properly. Therefore, the government does not have the capacity to give a quick and fair verdict, otherwise officials with two knives are distorting justice for political purposes.

Solomon Tadesse (Captain)

Boston, Massachu

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