September 21, 2021



Wisdom… _ … Stupidity?

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Wisdom… .. Stupid?

Wisdom… .. Stupid?

Wisdom… .. Stupid?

When we were children, Our attitude toward happiness was different. We had no reason to laugh; We had no qualms about being a child; Happiness is not a goal but with who we are; It was a gift of nature that was integrated with our childhood.

As we get older, our attitude toward happiness changes (but we seem to have changed the nature of happiness).

One writer describes the positive aspects of childhood: “I always regret not being as smart as I was when I was younger.”

We need a reason to laugh today because we are far from the world of childhood. We create goals and goals to enjoy. Because we think that happiness is a way of life.

That’s why the author says I regret not being as smart as I was when I was a child.

Remember, sometimes when you ask people if they are happy, many say, “What a wonderful thing.” Until some of us get the job we want; Until we get the money we need, Until we put our loved ones in our hands, Until we reach the level of life we ​​want; We prevent our happiness from entering our home.

Here, then, is our foolishness. We may not be happy even if we get what we want; Because happiness is not just a matter of external factors. Happiness is always at our door, but we say no.

There is no way to happiness; Rather, it is the only way to happiness. If we decide to please ourselves, no matter what our circumstances, And if we had known how smart we were as children, we would not have gone so far as to rejoice.

If we need proof of this point, let’s take a look around. There are so many witnesses around us that the whole house is not happy. Only wise children understand this secret; The knowledge of the soul made us foolish and we lost the contract of life.

Our knowledge magnifies our ignorance, Our philosophy is to make our lives easier; It complicated us even more. Our attitude toward happiness grew; We convinced ourselves that we had to make great sacrifices to be happy, but the truth is that we are still young.

We need to be wise as children, For wisdom is foolishness. If we understand it, Unless all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. The world would not be so full of evil.

All the calamities that befell the earth, They are man-made. All the evil traits we now have: They are the same bad people who grew up with her.

And let us always remember something for ourselves: there is no way to be happy; It is the wide road that leads to happiness.

Try to be happy with what you have, Then the Creator will miraculously fill in the gaps. Another is to strive for wisdom as a child, Gentle childhood real human nature; For he is the image of the Creator.